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  Mortgagee Sale /Foreclosure Auction



76 North Main Street, Wolfboro NH

AUGUST 7, 2013   10:00 AM  On-Site

Foreclosure Notice 

Assessors Card 76 North Main Street Wolfboro NH


Note: Photo above is town assessor photo and may not reflect current condition.

Terms & Conditions of sale for above auctions:  A deposit of $5,000 in the form of certified check or bank treasurer's check or other funds satisfactory to mortgagee will be required on or before the time of  bid.  Successful bidder(s) will be required to execute a Purchase and Sales Agreement immediately after the close of bidding.  The balance of the purchase price shall be paid in cash or by certified check within forty-five (45) days from the date of the public auction.  If the successful bidder fails to complete the purchase, the mortgagee may, at it's option, retain deposit as liquidated damages.  The mortgage reserves the right to bid at the sale by written or oral announcement made before or during the foreclosure sale.  Such changes or ammendments shall be binding to all bidders.

Absentee bidding: Absentee bids will be accepted provided they are placed with the auctioneer with deposit check 24 hours prior to the auction. 


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